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G648 granite colors

As other granite, colors of G648 granite are different in different quarrying time , even from the same quarry . Color of G648 granite may be a little different if they are cut from different blocks. Some G648 granite is close to pink granite , some G648 granite is close to brown granite, others may be looked as red granite .Because of such natural color difference makes granite more popular in many construction fields . Colors of G648 granite in the website are for your reference using , the exact color may be a little difference , because G648 granite we supply is natural stone without any chemical treatment .

When you choose G648 granite as your worktops , you should know how to maintain your Worktop

If you follow most of the following suggestions your granite worktop ought to give you years of relatively maintenance free service.
Avoid cutting directly on the worktop with ultra sharp knives
It is doubtful that your knife may damage the surface however it will most likely not do your knife any good.
Cutting close to a worktop edge could chip or damage the surface however...
It is possible to repair damaged or chipped edges.

Sealing Your Worktop

Some granites are definitely much more absorbent than others therefore if it requires sealing then this should preferably be completed at the fabrication shop before supply/fitting.
If the granite needs sealing then periodical maintenance should ensure few problems.

Do's & Don'ts With Your Granite Worktop

Clear up spillages immediately especially if:
Hot oil, in fact, any type of oil
An acidic liquid such as red wine or citrus fruit juice
Various vegetables & liquids such as beetroot or vinegar
Do not leave ripe fruit flesh like rapsberries, strawberries or lemons for more than a few seconds
Use mats or trivets under hot dishes and all cookware.
Do not use any abrasives or corrosive liquids for cleaning!


New Granite and marbles


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Granite Tile


When granite exterior makes the strong statement for the graciousness and permanence of the structure, granite interior will speak more gently for the elegance and superiority. For residential and commercial flooring application, G648 granite tile is specifically designed. Granite suits for extreme condition resist wear, deterioration and weathering.
Granite tile is also the product of natural granite stone. It is an igneous rock formed from the liquid magma, and cools itself to form the substance. Granite essentially consist of three mineral namely feldspar, quartz and mica. These minerals occur in different proposition, giving difference in color, texture and structural characteristic.

When you choose G648 granite for some area of project , you may want to know how to mix Granite Colors in other area

Granite comes in a variety of colors and styles that you can use in your home and gardern, which makes it a popular choice in many different areas. Though using granite in different places can create an elegant look, using different granite in the same area requires looking at all the colors in each piece of granite to ensure that the colors complement each other. However, if you take the time to choose carefully, you can mix granite colors to create the design you want.

1 Pick up several samples of different colors and types of granite at a granite yard or home improvement store. Choose a variety of granite colors and styles that appeal to your eye. The more samples you collect, the more likely you are to find a mix of granites that enhance each other. For example , if you like light brown colors for your kitchen , you can consider granite as G648 . If you like black color , you can consider Shanxi black , Black galaxy.
2.Choose your favorite granite for the most predominate place. For example, if you are going to have a granite counter top and back splash, put your favorite granite option on the counter top.
3 Compare other samples to your favorite color of granite, and eliminate granite samples that are not in the same style as your first choice. For example, if the granite you chose first is speckled with a glossy finished, your other granite choices should have those same elements.

4 Pick samples that are in the same color family as your favorite piece. For example, if your first choice in granite is tan (such as Tan brown), then creams and browns ( Such as golden brown , G648 , baltic brown etc.) are good choices for your secondary granite. If a sample is not in the same color family, consider another option.

5 Check the undertones of your second choice of granite to make sure they don't conflict with the undertones in your primary granite choice. Undertones are the soft colors, often speckles, that change the way a more predominate color appears.

6 Narrow your selections to a few, and then choose your favorite.