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g648 granite quarry

G648 Granite quarry

We have our own G648 granite quarry , which locate in Zhangpu , China .

Our quarry can supply about 6000 cubic meter granite per month , supply quantity in raining season and security inspection month will be a little less , but it will not effect so much for usual working , because there are always G648 blocks in warehouse of quarry .

G648 quarry equipment granite quarrying crawler drill machine ,Automatic granite quarry saw machine,pneumatic steel drillers,pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drillers,diamond wire machines,chain saws , hydraulic cushions , hydraulic jacks,hydraulic splitting wedges,stationary wire saws,front-loaders, excavators, trucks etc.

Sales promotion in March, 2016

Granite slab thickness(cm) slab surface finish total quantity
promotion price
G648 Granite 1.5 flamed 374 6.80
1.8 polished 1393 7.90
1.8 no processing 1608 7.20
2.5 flamed 269 7.90
2.5 polished 742 8.90
2.5 bushhammered 509 8.90
2.5 no processing 1862 8.00


G648 Granite factory

In order to shorter the distance betwen quarry and factory and save blocks shipping cost , we built a factory near to quarry .

Main production line in our G648 factory :

Big blocks cutting ( cutting blocks into half finish random slabs )

Auto polishing line ( Specialize for gang saw slabs ) and hand polishing line ( specialize for countertops , tiles and other products which should be mirror degree polished )

Production line for kerb ,paving , cobble etc.

Production line for surface finish of tiles and slabs ( polished , flamed , honed , bush hammered )

Countertops , vanity tops production line

g648 block cut

granite surface process

flamed treatment


G648 products

Kerbstone , paving , Slabs , countertops

G648 kerb

G648 granite paving

g648 pavementFLAMED G648

G648 granite slabs

G648 countertopspink granite kerbs